* The costs are subject to change without notice .

Are the products all the same?

No. Each product is handmade and the flowers are all different so it is possible that the location or color may differ from one product to another. This is what makes each creation unique.

Some of my bookmarks became soft when put in the sun or at a certain temperature, is this normal?

Absolutely. The products are made from resin and the texture of the resin may change with temperature. I advise you to put your bookmark flat in your book at a normal temperature and the bookmark will become straight again in a few hours.

Creation time

The processing time for an order can vary between 5-7 working days before the order is sent.

I bought this week but today there is a promotion on the site, can I have the discount or get a refund?

No, no refunds or discounts will be made retroactively.